Irina ◊ Mediterranean

March 15, 2018

MAME is a prestigious musical and sound platform, located at the center of the Mediterranean, meant as a confluence, a point of convergence, of East and West. Musicians meet along the roads of the Mediterranean, from Latin Mediterraneus: “Midland”, a physical place, the middle ground between East and West.


From the beginning…

MAME is a musical reality, born from the encounter of Irina Solinas and the sound of the Silk Road Ensemble: a musical collective, formed by exceptional artists from all over the world, winner of the Grammy Award as Best World Music Album.

Following the success of the event “Ambassadors of Silkroad’s Global Musician Workshop”, Irina Solinas is launching a new musical network, combining the contemporary experience of global, multicultural interaction of people, sounds and music, with the safeguard of classical traditions – the foundation of every accomplished musician’s career.


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