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March 14, 2018

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This project has been inspired by the original idea of Yo-Yo Ma and The Silkroad Ensemble www.silkroad.org




  • 《十全十美的音乐之旅》
    Like to travel, I went on a musical tour with ten musicians from all over the world tonight.
    I got the Yangko from Northeast China. The Coming Home from Palestine, the Lonely Tehran from Iran, and the Hekaz Mandela from Turkey, have their own unique charms and characteristics, no matter which country or region they are from. What impressed me most was the composition of the cellist from Italy and her own music. Her playing style was like that of Xu Haifeng from the Aegean Sea, Drive away the summer heat, let a person feel fresh and refreshing, like the Italian food, let a person try to fall in love with her deeply, for a long time can not forget…
    Tonight’s concert will give the audience a chance to enjoy the folk music of many countries and regions, Perhaps because we Zhongshan people are too hospitable, let the players a little miss their hometown, from their performance I feel their faint homesickness. This makes me sigh: nationality is the self, but also the world. I really hope that our great motherland can build the new Silk Road across Eurasia as soon as possible. It will enable us to appreciate the unique charm of the new Silk Road as soon as possible.

    The Perfect Journey of Music

    Audience review - China Tour

  • For me it’s been an amazing experience that filled my heart, open my ears and get in touch with wonderful people and musicians.. I followed all the events starting from the first jam and the gig in Como, then to workshop and jam in Milan. I didn’t aspect such a group of people so in the same frequency, all was full of harmony !! not only in music, but also between musicians, participant and audience.

    Luka Zotti

    Guitar player - workshop participant

  • For me it’s been a powerful experience. I usually use my voice as a music teacher and having the possibility to share my way of singing with wonderful musician it’s been a big gift for myself. I found very interesting listening to explanation about other countries Music but mostly was wonderful doing jam session with others. I also tried the experience because I would like to share it with my colleagues. We mostly teach music by ear and through a variety of stiles of music so I think we could partecipate all together! If there’s something I can do to help the project grow up, don’t esitate to tell me: I can help!

    Federica Braga

    Teacher - Staff

  • I am not a musician, I work on sound reproduction and recording, but Iive music as my own, as listener, and as cross-art with images.

    I participate to the GMW in Milano as auditor. The experience was compelling and quite interesting.

    The location awesome, being the first example I could attend, of a “multiplex” , not for Cinema, but for theater and concerts.

    The sounds and the music that came put from this experience were astounding. The human factor even more touching. How these warm persons, that turns out being great musicians, could make feel what is the spirit and the “modes’ of the music of their countries and cultures.

    Te jams came out incredible. For example, Danny. He started up the jam with a theme, and all player started to improvise after. Danny went away. It came out a marvelous “interplayed chaos”, that evolved through a “togetherness” during the time, then Danny came back, with just a couple of warm notes, and all musicians converted towards a “organic” sound. I still have goosebumps, one of the greatest experience I got, and still I wonder how these people could make such a thing all together, just for playing for themselves.

    Then Nagme and Baturay and the others were great in explaining the music of their places. Was great, also, to get quoted albums of “Let Etiopiques”, that I got years ago and get them described, with the rithms patterns.

    This was a cultural achievement, a music revelation, a human advancement.

    Amedeo Schembri

    Partner - Auditor


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